Medical check-ups should be available at health centres

Dear Editor,

I would like the Ministry of Health to put in place a facility whereby people can go and take a monthly medical check-up. At present, no government medical institution offers this facility. This is very important to enable people to keep healthy as well as being beneficial to the government.

Many people are unaware that they have a certain medical condition until it affects them and they become ill. Hypertension, diabetes, breast cancer and kidney problems, to name a few, are conditions that do not readily become apparent until a later stage. The doctors at the Georgetown Public Hospital do not have time for medical check-ups. They are more interested in treating the large number of people who have been there since five o’clock in the morning.

I do hope that the Ministry of Health can make a special day available every week at all health centres where the public can go for medical check-ups.

Yours faithfully,
Baldeo Persaud

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