Dear Editor,
Could the good people in Guyana – in particular our women’s groups, Red Thread, Young Women’s Christian Association, Women’s Progressive Organisation, National Congress of Women, Mothers’ Committee, political parties, human rights organizations, and our religious leaders say if they understand the significance of the statement made on Wednesday by First Lady Varshni Oma Singh-Jagdeo?

If even half accurate, how could this nation stand on a good moral foundation, if indeed our leaders are prone to the unkind activity which has been alleged? The greater our status, the greater the demand for kindness, generosity and compassion. These values ought never to be compromised. We are making a great deal of noise about domestic violence; is this a case of do as I say, not as I do?

Some time ago I pleaded for a moral and spiritual revival, but now where are we heading?
Come on Guyana – stand up for the right and proper things.

Everywhere leaders showcase their spouses and make a point that they lead by example, showing domestic cohesion, love, family values and care for our close relations.

Whatever may be the foibles of either party, such alleged behaviour in Mrs Jagdeo’s statement would in any other country have led to great public outcry and media assault. The big question is, have we lost our moral rudder and humanity? If so our ship will soon be shipwrecked. History has shown that internal moral decay destroys a society faster than a military defeat.
Yours faithfully,
Hamilton Green, JP

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