Dear Editor,
Just about half of a mile from the Takutu Bridge where the Brazilians are paving a stretch of road on the Guyana side, there is a large sign which reads: “The traffic on the bridge of the Itacutu river is not authorized because it was not liberated by the competent organ.”

Some of us in Lethem are puzzled as to the interpretation of this sign.
We are also being kept in the dark as to when the commissioning of this bridge will take place.

Residents on the other side of the border seem to know that a free zone will be created, but we have been told nothing as to where our designated free zone will be.

Other issues are not being discussed with us. We do not know, for instance, who are the new members of the Lethem Power Company since the previous board was dissolved at the end of 2008. Nor are the authorities telling us exactly what the problems are with the electricity supply.

For some time, too, there has been talk of Lethem becoming a town, but we will soon have the situation where an international port of entry is designated as a village. On the other hand, Bom Fin, which was years behind Lethem in development, for some time now has had a mayor and municipality.

If the authorities do not keep residents informed, how can they expect us to participate in any future development?
Yours faithfully,
Gloria Lye

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