Sympathies to the  Persaud family
Dear Editor,
On behalf of my own and the New Jersey Arya Samaj Mandir, Inc, and its Humanitarian Mission and Guyana Chapter, I extend our heartfelt sympathy to the Persaud family on the passing of Mr and Mrs Ivor Persaud and their grandchildren who were burnt to death on Sunday morning. Their demise was received with great shock and sadness.

There isn’t much we can say or do to ease the pain of the Persaud family. However, they should take comfort in knowing that our prayers and thoughts are with them and their entire family during this very difficult time.

We recognize that there is much pain involved in letting go of someone so dear to them and so loved, but we encourage them to surrender their pains to the feet of God Almighty, knowing that God is capable of removing, and will remove the pain of separation.

The Persaud family was one of those extraordinary families which will never be forgotten in a lifetime. Their lives were like a sunbeam that lit up the world around them, their family and friends. Now that they are not physically here with us, we can bask in the rainbow of loving memories that will live forever in our hearts.
No, it won’t be the same without them by any means, but we will go on as best as we can and look forward to the day when we will meet them again in eternity, the City of Mukti.

We shower the entire family with our prayers and trust each of them will draw strength from God and their many spiritual friends who want to help them through this very difficult time.
Yours faithfully,
Pandit Suresh N Sugrim
President NJSAM Inc,
Humanitarian Mission

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