Media houses sensationalize the smallest of issues

Dear Editor,
I was not surprised when the Kaieteur News recently slammed the efforts of the government to assist farmers who have been affected by the recent intense rainfall and which saw many farming communities suffering losses. Rather that support the efforts made to ensure farmers have a means of returning to the land the Kaieteur News sought to ridicule the intervention as a means of selling its newspaper. The newspaper should have seen this initiative objectively as most countries do not provide such support even after catastrophic destruction.

I am sure any government would help its citizens, and in this case, the farmers that feed our country and many others, but a government could only give what it can afford. I am sure many farmers are pleased about benefiting from this assistance programme, and I do hope it will continue as explained by the Ministry of Agriculture.

The mass media in Guyana really need a wakeup call, as some reporters/editors and news agencies see reporting as their personal affair without looking at the consequences and the impact on readers. It is always said a story has two sides; I am of the belief that many newscasts and newspapers cannot strike that balance because of their own agendas. The truth must not be manipulated and a factual report cannot be doubted or riddled with misrepresentations.

I have no experience working with the media, but I believe that public relations are very important to any company/agency to maintain good will and understanding amongst its public.

Our media houses lack this quality as they make a concerted effort to sensationalize the smallest of issues. Let us as citizens of this country focus on the positive developments within our country and at the same time keep the government on its toes to ensure progress continues, for Guyana is ours and we can only do it together. We all want to see change, but we have to start with ourselves for it to be exalted.
Yours faithfully,
Pauline Wong

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