Dear Editor,
The President’s present imbroglio with the former First Lady, a matter that should have been handled discreetly and judiciously has now become open fodder for the chattering classes − something that the rest of society can readily comprehend and sink their fangs into, rather than more complex and indigestible issues like the EPA and the global financial crisis.

Mr Jagdeo’s excuses for not helping his former wife are ludicrous.  The President has been willing to give his imprimatur to controversial investors and to agreements shrouded in secrecy, yet he has suddenly become a model of rectitude in matters relating to his wife.  Perhaps then it is time for the rest of us to start a First Wife Fund to assist Mr Jagdeo’s financial situation.

Or could it be, perhaps, that this is the President’s strategy to entertain us in these depressing times, to divert us from our real problems and his real failings as a leader with a real-life soap opera?
Yours faithfully,
Donald Ramdass

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