Guyanese politicians ‘just ain’t ready yet’

Dear Editor,
I often mused about the possibility of ever reading a letter from Vishnu Bisram that I completely agreed with. Well it happened. I must say that I am total in agreement with his views issued in the letter captioned, ‘How many Guyanese politicians truly believe in the rhetoric of Barack Obama?’ I will develop this further and declare that they do believe in the rhetoric as sound-bite tools for political and other conveniences Where they would not dare to tread, however, is in the footsteps of Barack Obama as he puts into practice that which he was promising throughout his campaign for the presidency.

Take a look at the campaign of Barack Obama. He did not confine his message to bottom houses or political and ethnic homogeneous pools of supporters. No! He went into the enclaves of his political opponents, refusing to concede or capitulate to the bottom, or to feed human emotions that continued to parcel and divide his nation along a myriad of negative and counter-productive lines. He was audacious in his presentations, demanding his audiences to accept the fact that he would not turn away from them, push them aside, become impatient with them, merely because of the artificial boundaries politics had built up in the US over time.  Barack Obama undertook a task that placed national interest over political and partisan comfort. I’m afraid that the politicians in position to effect change in Guyana by letting their approach to politics and governance become a manifestation of Obama’s rhetoric, just ain’t ready yet.
Yours faithfully,
Robin Williams

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