Perpetual darkness in Marigold and Casuarina Streets

Dear Editor,

During the last quarter of 2008, Cummings Electrical Company Limited was involved in the upgrading of the Guyana Power and Light line distribution systems in South Ruimveldt, including Roxanne Burnham Gardens. The company’s exercise in RBG necessitated the removal of a rotten pole from the corner of Marigold and Casuarina Streets; the lamp which was attached to the pole was left at a resident of the area, with the intention of affixing it to the new pole when it was replaced.

The new pole never materialized, and horror of horrors, the lamp was removed from the resident’s premises during his absence from home. Cummings Electrical was informed about the non-replacement of the pole; their muttered response was about some misunderstanding between GPL and the supplier of the poles, hence its unavailability. The question of the removal of the lamp was met with a stony silence.

The area is question is in perpetual darkness. Men of a brutish nature have begun to use that area to physically chastise their paramours; the drivers of HB vehicles and others of a like mind, convert their automobiles into short time hotels. This is evident when morning breaks, for the sight of used condoms and KFC boxes is most unnerving and nauseating to residents during their early morning stroll. Throw in a dog’s carcass, and one’s morning is well begun.

Yours faithfully,
CS Vaughn MSM
Major (Rtd)

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