The President should not respond to allegations about his marriage

Dear Editor,

It is unfortunate to see so many misdirected and unwarranted calls from organizations  and individuals, for the President to publicly respond to the allegations of the former First Lady.

Firstly, it would be puerile, premature and immature for the Head of State to respond to these allegations, as yet to be proven, about his personal life. Therefore, he should not respond to anyone except the law, if so required. If he is above the law, then all those callers, for his response, must direct their energies to ensure that the laws are revised accordingly.

Secondly, the President is an officer elected by the people to conduct and manage, on their behalf, all governmental affairs in an accountable, ethical and responsible manner, etc. Critcize him, condemn him, hold him responsible, let him respond to your calls on the mandate you give him as head of state, but not on his married life, especially when allegations are not proven.

Thirdly, it is incumbent upon the President to conduct himself in a moral way, and it is necessary and desirable for the President and all citizens to treat their wives and husbands with the greatest respect, love and the honour that the institution of marriage prescribes. The President or anyone else should not hang out his dirty linen in public, especially when they are looking for public sympathy from Guyanese, because that will be translated into zero. You can do 99 good things, and people would not talk about it, or praise you or call on you to acknowledge their appreciation, but if you do one act that appears to be wrong, you will never hear the end of it.

Yours faithfully,
Joe Persaud

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