Dear Editor,

I will get straight to the point on the issues of alcohol and tobacco.

In order to protect the public interest:

1. Ban public advertisements in any shape or form, of any alcoholic beverage or tobacco product.

2. Place warning labels (as in the case of cigarettes, currently) on alcohol containers, possibly excluding beer, ale and stout.

3. Ban smoking in any public enclosed space, including offices, bars, restaurants, businesses, etc, where members of the public or employees are expected to be present.

4. Ban smoking in any private space if such space is also used by children or medically endangered individuals. Whatever happened to the ‘Rights of the Child’?

5. Double the excise taxes on both alcohol and tobacco products. This could reduce VAT to 10%!

6. Strictly enforce the law requiring that no alcohol or tobacco products should be sold to a minor.

7. Stamp out the proliferation of unlicensed premises and other ‘bottom-house’ rum shops.

The research into and the results of the damage caused to first, second, and third parties by alcohol and tobacco are there for all to see. The biggest stink over banning smoking in bars was raised in none other than New York City in 2003 when Mayor Bloomberg was adamant. It was only a few weeks before there were no further objections, and very many were thankful thereafter.

Yours faithfully,
(Name and address supplied)

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