Punitive taxes, lax penalty system breed corruption

Dear Editor,

I was shocked to read about the lack of co-operation that the Polar Beer probe team received from GRA.  But even more shocking was to read Mr Sattaur’s excuses.  Can you imagine if any businessperson had done the same to GRA? Mr Sattaur would have engaged his full wrath on them. Nowhere does Mr Sattaur address issues such as non-functioning cameras and the breaches in the TRIPPS software.  Instead he gives the impression of seeking to divert attention from his department’s own failings by railing at his favourite targets − local businessmen.

I suggest Mr Sattaur look at the root causes of the problems − an extremely punitive tax regime and a very lax penalty system, both of them a perfect combination for breeding corruption.  Also he should look to be widening the tax net instead of deepening it − that is, going after the doctors, the lawyers and yes, the farmers, too.

Yours faithfully,
H A Latchana

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