There should be a moratorium on Obama comparisons

Dear Editor,

Many local politicians have been in full praise of President Obama and his historic victory.  Let me state categorically that they have not learnt a single lesson from him, nor do they intend to. Mr Obama did not win the American elections by feeding upon white guilt. Nor did he win by reminding blacks that “massa day done” and that they were no longer house slaves.  Further, after winning he did not stock his cabinet with individuals whose main criterion was their inability to stand up to him.  Finally, a few days ago, Mr Obama had his first major misstep and he admitted it, in none too delicate words.  When last did we hear any politician from any party mouth the words, “I was wrong.”  Or even, “I could have done things a little differently.”

So let’s put an end to the hypocrisy of our local autocrats.  There should be a moratorium on the Obama references and comparisons.  Let us at least be honest enough to admit to our own pettiness while we pursue the politics of tit-for-tat and zero-sum gain.

Yours faithfully,
Robin Bhimal

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