Dear Editor,
If the PNCR does not rebuild the party and go on to win elections all members and supporters will walk through the door and never return. The party has many intellectuals. They must not put their talent to waste. The Guyanese people need good leadership. I do not know why Mr Winston Murray resigned as chairman of the party, but I would still like to see him carry out a leadership role. Mr Stanley Ming had a lot of great plans for the party and for Guyana. I would like to see him return to the party as its leader and Mr Aubrey Norton as the chairman.

The party has to create an arm of hardworking dedicated foot soldiers, who will go into every workplace, seek out the unemployed, go into every street and every house to get out the people to vote, and if they have any problems, they should report back to the Central Executive for further directives.

I mean no offence to Mr Ming, but since Guyanese talk race and vote along racial lines and Mr Ming is neither African nor Indian, it is fitting that he be elected the presidential candidate for the party and for all the people. If Mr Ming approaches any one of us and asks us for our vote, we will give it to him because we accept him as one of us. Mr Corbin will introduce and recommend him to the electorate with full support from Mr Murray, Mr Alexander, Mr McAllister, Mr Norton, Mr Clarke, Mr Carberry, Ms Debra Backer, Ms Clarissa Riehl and others. He will not fail and the party will go on to win the elections.

The People’s National Congress is an institution which must rebound like the Democratic Party of the United States of America and win the elections at the polls.
I know Mr Ming to be a decent, respected and humble gentleman and he would accept the position if approached in a genuine way. Why would the people turn out to vote for Mr Ming? The answer is because he would be a new kid on the block; the PNC asked them to; Mr Ming would bring on board the voters who did not like the PNC or the PPP; and Mr Ming would bring in badly needed donations for the party.

Come on PNC, electing Mr Stanley Ming as the leader of your party will be the answer to your prayer.
A lot of countries around the world took this bold step in selecting their candidate and it paid off in victory. The PNC can create history by electing Mr Stanley Ming as leader and creating the biggest upset in Caricom history.

Please Mr Corbin, Sir, will you bury your pride and let us put Guyana first.
Yours faithfully,
Eustace Moore

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