Dear Editor,
There is a building being constructed across the road from Tony Auto Spares in Light Street, Alberttown. The city drain in front of this building is solidly blocked by a concrete wall and has been filled in. I saw it myself.

Now the M&CC building inspector should have been visiting this site, so why is this happening? Don’t you see why the city is constantly being flooded? This is one reason. Why isn’t the city doing its job? If this is happening in several locations, it would be a reason why the city floods so quickly.

Please do not insult our intelligence with any statement to the effect that this will be remedied before the construction is completed. A building that size will take more that 20 months to complete. The regulations must be enforced at all times.

This council harasses residents for a load of sand on their parapets. The citizens are forced to maintain the parapets themselves even though they pay for this service by way of property tax, and yet others are allowed to engage in activities that result in damage and health hazards.

Where are we going? What sort of a people are we becoming? Where is the professionalism on the part of public officials?

Mayor Hamilton Green should stop roving far and wide and focus instead on doing his job of managing the city. And this is not a crusade. This is a call by a concerned citizen of the city.
Yours faithfully,
Ganesh Singh

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