Dear Editor,

After Friday’s farce at the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium in Antigua with the abandonment of the second Test, there must be absolutely no hesitation by the West Indies Board of Control (WICB) in firing Dr Donald Peters, the CEO, and Dr Julian Hunte, the President, as well as all members of the senior management at the WICB. It’s time to clean house and start afresh.

This latest fiasco demonstrates the spectacular ineptitude and abysmal management of WICB’s top executives.

The pathetic shambolic episode in Antigua could have been prevented if Hunte, Peters, et al were not at the controls and steering the WICB ship.

In the days leading up to the Test match, concerns were expressed by both England and West Indies teams about the appalling playing conditions but apparently Hunte and Peters were not motivated to act with the requisite urgency to ward off the looming disaster.

The great Sir Vivian Richards, for whom the ground was named, was hurt and embarrassed, describing the atrocious hour of weirdness on the morning of the second Test as “a dagger at my heart.”

After just one week, the euphoria and optimism that followed the famous victory in the first Test at Sabina has been erased by the bungling of Hunte and Peters. One step forward, two steps backward has been the legacy of the Hunte/Peters era during which WI have descended in Test cricket ratings to the point where we are barely staving off Zimbabwe for last place.

West Indies cricket is now in total disarray and is the laughing stock of the cricketing world.

The West Indies Cricket Board must not be allowed to scapegoat the Antigua authorities; they must shoulder the blame and take full responsibility for this dark day in West Indies cricket.

No amount of apologies will suffice for this inexcusable mockery of Test cricket.
We must change course with new management, now. The embarrassing and disgraceful turn of events on Friday is the last straw and the buck stops at the desk of Hunte and Peters. Let’s get a new team on board at the WICB. Show Hunte and Peters the door.

Yours faithfully,
Deosaran Bisnath

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