The traffic police should rearrange their priorities

Dear Editor,

I wish to commend the Traffic Chief and the Officer-in-Charge of traffic ‘B’ Division (East Berbice/Corentyne) for the jobs that they are doing; however for some reason they are both bypassing what is of utmost importance to saving lives.

Removing symbols and writings from motor vehicles and preventing persons from parking and hanging on the road corner isn’t half as important as removing animals from the road and having the owners to pay a steep fine in order to recover their cattle from a pound.

Last Sunday evening whilst driving on the Berbice Bridge access road, I was forced to come to a dead stop after noticing several black cows walking along the road, not to mention the fact that the rain was pouring making visibility a problem. I was upset − upset at the fact that the Officer-in-Charge of traffic has been contributing so much energy to trying to curb a tradition that New Amsterdamers have been enjoying for years without any fatalities or injuries, and not concentrating on the real issues.

What I am saying is get rid of obstacles that have been taking lives and that will continue to do so, instead of focusing on the not-so-important things, I prefer to see one hundred vehicles with crazy illustrations than one cow on the middle of the street which can cost five people their lives. Come on Officer, you need to put your priorities in order.

Yours faithfully,
Kinda Velloza-Monkhouse

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