Dear Editor,

I start by expressing my disgust and total rejection of Mr Andrew Hicks’s opinion expressed on VCT Channel 28 on January 26. Hicks seems to underestimate the calibre of People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) membership, two thirds of whom are loyal to the leadership of Robert HO Corbin.

I know Mr Granger well, also Mr Murray and Major General (retired) Joseph Singh who resided at Onverwagt, West Berbice for a short time. So I say to you that the membership of the PNCR  is open to all qualified persons who satisfy the conditions of membership. I suggest that Andrew  leave the selection of the PNCR leadership to the party delegates at Congress Place. Whatever is his grouse, he should stop attacking our leader. Under his leadership the PNCR will beat the People’s Progressive Party/Civic and all other parties. Even if Uncle Jo, Uncle Carl and Uncle David group up with the ‘Big 7,’ they shall not pass.

Yours faithfully,
Howell Benn

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