It’s the body, not just the head which should go

Dear Editor,

Lord save us from the West Indies Cricket Board.  Just when you think we’ve heard the worst, here we go again.

Following the recent Antigua debacle, it is almost comical to read all these press comments about firing Hunte and his CEO.  “Heads should roll” is the cry.  In fact, the WICB history, from Mr Rousseau, through Mr Wes Hall, through Mr Gordon, and now Mr Hunte, shows that the problem is truly not with the head; it’s the body that has to go.  The present structure, with no accountability and 6 national groups wrangling, is doomed.  Unless that changes, and dramatically so, they could put Mandela as the head − the rot, as Tony Cozier rightly says, will simply continue.

Yours faithfully,
Dave Martins

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