Not what took place at statutory meeting

Dear Editor,

It comes as no surprise that Mr Corlette’s letter in the Stabroek News (Friday, February 20) reflects a misrepresentation of what took place at the last statutory meeting.

The NCN cameraman confirmed that he had replied to Corlette when asked which media house he was representing before being asked to leave. The young man’s confirmation was reported on NCN TV’s ‘In-depth’ programme. I have a copy of the recording at the statutory meeting at which Corlette insisted he did not want the NCN cameraman and his refusal to entertain a discussion on the matter.

The Regional Chairman’s authority is not to be interpreted to mean that the views, ideas and opinions of councillors are excluded in the determination of issues.

The PPP/C Councillors have been elected to serve the people of Region 4 and have been carrying out our work. It is because of our hard work we are able to keep Corlette in check. We have exposed his illegal action of trying to open a bank account which was outside his authority. We have exposed his dictatorial behaviour which affects councillors even on the PNCR side. Many of the PNCR councillors have lambasted him over his attitude and there is bitterness among them that goes largely unreported. We will not be distracted by Corlette, deviate from the real issue or repudiate our responsibilities.

Corlette is so taken up with power that he often rides outside his authority. Ask him to explain his decision at the last statutory meeting to surcharge the Regional Executive Officer for Christmas party expenses. He has no such authority as the laws of Guyana provide only for the Finance Secretary to impose any such penalty on a public officer. Imagine wasting time on dealing with an issue that he has no authority to effect.

His fabrications are unimpressive; his arguments are devoid of  logic, facts, reality and evidence. Mr Corlette needs to ‘get real.’

Yours faithfully,
Kwame McCoy

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