Dear Editor,
In response to the article appearing in the Kaieteur News about a JP and a woman held by the police at Grove EB Demerara for sexually abusing a 13-year-old (21.2.09), I must point out that I read the article and did not bother about it; however, after receiving a few phone calls on the day the article was published, I became horrified.

You see, the report did not say the JP was from Grove EBD, it said the police from Grove swooped at the JP’s East Bank Demerara home.  However some of the readers drew the conclusion that this person is a Justice of Peace who lives in Grove, and thus I kept getting phone calls on Saturday and Sunday.

I did some investigation and discovered that individual who was held by the police in connection with the above mentioned matter does not live in Grove EBD and is not a Justice of Peace.
Yours faithfully,
Wendell P George

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