Slumdog returned smiles to the faces of billions

Dear Editor,
Exhilaration exploded Sunday night on the platform of this year’s Oscars. For how long can you keep Indian movie-lovers in the background?  Slumdog Millionaire did not merely grab numerous awards, but like Obama, returned smiles to the faces of billions and tears to millions around the world.

I was intrigued to hear AR Rahman humbly but distinctly include the gift of motherhood in his acceptance speech; the divine nature of her love makes it inevitable to celebrate. Added to this was his unabashed mention that gratitude belongs to God: God is great, he said.

Indeed this was recognition not so much of stars and Bollywood − a historical page − but rather of Indian civilization and a world once ruled by imperialists, who used even the big screen to trivialize dominated nations.

The movie plot attracts special attention to the poverty-stricken around the world; that with all the sacrifices one makes in life, there is a lesson to be leant. Sometimes, that lesson is that it is your destiny to make it and be successful.

Also it reminds us that love has no set time or rules, reassuring millions in the world that faith in love is still alive, regardless of the timing and the discipline that may be necessary to endure.

What may need noting is the statement of Jamal, the main character, when overcome by the killing of his Muslim mother in a massacre, that Allah and Ram have caused this grief.

Such a statement may have been said at the irresponsible time of grief but the truth of the matter is no God, let alone a true faith, ever has hate at its epicentre; rather the basis of all faiths is the golden rule. President Obama has been commended for stating at a breakfast prayer recently, that in Islam there is a statement of the Prophet, a hadith, which declares that you are not a true believer until you love for yourself what you love for others.

When a few are ripped by disaster it doesn’t mean that the whole world has been; when a few are struck by humanity’s iniquity to another it doesn’t mean that God is to be blamed. If religion is to be blamed for violence against people, then how come the vast majority of people of faith are peaceful?

Praying that inspiration continues to be our companion, and truth the solace of life even if sometimes we are overtaken by disappointments, but that hope will light our candle of faith, patience and love always.
Now try being a millionaire!
Yours faithfully,
Habeeb Alli

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