Who will pay for water which is not potable?

Dear Editor,
I welcome the idea of GWI installing water meters on residential and business premises. This in a way will teach persons how to use water wisely and that they will now have to pay for the water which may be considered as wastage. However, my concern is this. There are times when you turn on the pipe and the water has to be allowed to run for as much as twenty minutes in order for it to clear up to an acceptable standard for consumption or usage. This situation occurs whenever there has been a power outage that affects the well/pump, and the water comes back after that outage. My question is who is going to pay for that water that the consumer cannot use?

This cannot be considered wastage. I would therefore like GWI to explain this, as it is something which is way beyond the control of the consumer.
Yours faithfully,
D. Carryl

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