Boysie, Burnham and the dog

Dear Editor,
I refer to the letters written by Rajendra Rampersaud and Hamilton Greene about Forbes Burnham and Boysie Ramkarran.
This letter is not about who is more witty; this is what was told to me by Boysie himself. Once a dog found its way into Parliament and sat under Boysie’s chair, Forbes Burnham, then Prime Minister, in his usual cynical style said, “Get the dog out; surely my comrade over there deserves a better audience,” to which Boysie replied, “Let the dog stay; it is more respectful than some of you over there.”

Then when the parties attended the conference for the independence for Guyana Sir Lionel Luckoo was a member of the PNC delegation, and Boysie noticed that Lionel’s wig was not properly in place and told Lionel to fix his wig. A British MP seeing and hearing asked if PPP and PNC people were on speaking terms, and Boysie replied, we are not from a land of savagery.
Yours faithfully,
WP George

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