The land alongside the Berbice Bridge road should be reserved for commercial development

Dear Editor,
I am suggesting to the Berbice Chamber of Commerce, the RDC of Region Six, the Private Sector Commission and the Government Office For Investment that the land along both sides of the Berbice River Bridge road, from the Palmyra Public Road to the bridge be set aside for commercial purposes for private investors.

On this road, there should be businesses such as gas stations, vulcanizing shops, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and fast food businesses, such as KFC, Pizza Hut, Popeye and Royal Castle, just to name a few. There should be some government offices, a museum and a police station.

Along this stretch of road, there should be a part set aside for streets which will lead to future development such as housing, parks, etc. Land should be set aside for a taxi and bus park, with a new bus code from New Amsterdam to the bridge. No roadside shacks or vending should be allowed.
With these investments, jobs would be created for Berbicians and this would modernize the area.
Yours faithfully,
Dennis V Debidin

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