Call made only for information

Dear Editor,
I thank you for publishing my letter in SN dated February 28, 2009 (‘Difficulty getting new passport in Barbados’).  I also note the consul’s reply and regret that I have to say it is inaccurate.

1.  He claims that I did not identify myself.  In fact on both calls I did this.  On the first one I told him who I was and indicated that I am living here as a Caricom skilled national.  The second time I called back I said, this is Lloyda Nicholas calling back.

2.  He said that I started a line of questioning in a belligerent and disrespectful manner, complaining about the Guyana government’s policies on issuing passports for Guyanese overseas.  The fact is that on the first call I asked him about the passport and he gave me an answer.  That call lasted about 2 minutes.  On the second call I asked one question.  I asked if it was the policy for all Guyanese living overseas to return home when they needed a new passport.  This call lasted less than a minute. I am wondering, was this not a legitimate question? How was I being rude by asking one question?

What I would like to say is that I didn’t call Mr Faria for an argument about the policies of the Government of Guyana.  All I needed was information on how I can get a new passport.  I have never written a letter to the newspapers before, but his attitude shocked me so I immediately penned this letter.

However, I will be visiting the consulate shortly.  I have been in touch with the immigration department in Guyana and they were kind enough to let me know what my options are.  I thank them for that.
Yours faithfully,
Lloyda Nicholas

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