It is time to punish blogs like Living Guyana

Dear Editor,
I hope with all my heart that the police both local and abroad pursue and hunt down those who have established so-called ‘blogs’ that mock, disrespect, degrade, slander, insult, smear, vilify, malign, denigrate and spread horrific lies about media workers and their entities in Guyana, government officials and private citizens as well. The one that is the guiltiest of all is no other than ‘Living Guyana’ which is penned daily by the Guyana Media Critic. The website is updated daily with some of the worst cyber trash that I’ve seen in years. Now, it’s not so funny anymore laughing at media operatives and poking fun at them, as Living Guyana has spread a nasty lie about the Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry.

That same blog has attacked private citizens by posting their photographs and information about their private lives as well as hurled insults at many who hold the highest offices in the land.

We need the government to pass laws to protect citizens of Guyana especially media operatives from these persons in the cyber world who use the internet for their own sick purposes. Slander is the order of the day for ‘blogs’ like ‘Living Guyana’ and ‘Guyana 911’. The government must act now.

These websites also use tons of profanity and lewd language.
We do live in a democracy and criticisms are welcome but they must be constructive criticisms and that which does not attack and delve into the private lives of media operatives and citizens.

It’s been too long that the Guyana Media Critic and his disgraceful ‘blog’ have been hiding under anonymity and secrecy. I support the decision to make them answer for their stupidity and hate-blogging. It is time to punish ‘blogs’ like Living Guyana and set an example for others who may want to follow suit.

We cannot have persons hiding behind fictitious names and identities destroying people’s characters. Close them down now!

P.S. Up to Saturday evening when I sent this letter off via e-mail to this newspaper, the Living Guyana Blog website was shut-down.
Yours faithfully,
Leon Jameson Suseran

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