In the current financial situation keep the news flowing

Dear Editor,

Benjamin Franklin, a founding father of America, said that the surest guard against tyranny and arbitrary power was free expression, the free flow of ideas and a free press. He also believed that no tyrannical society can long exist when it cannot control the flow of information and ideas. This is one of his seven great virtues. (He also invented bifocal spectacles.)

In your Saturday, July 5, 2003 editorial, ‘Courage in journalism’ you said, “[Women] journalists who face day-in, day-out threats, abuse, fear and dodging bullets know that their work contributes to a free press worldwide and empowers those who follow to be pursuers of the truth, regardless of  the consequences. At the end of the day, it really is worth it.”

With CLICO and the $6.9 billion and NIS, please keep the news flowing. Perhaps you can emphasize $6 900 000 000 is US$34.5 million. We the people can therefore read and read again to grasp the amount of money that cannot be accounted for.

I know that President Jagdeo reads your newspaper carefully. He is smart and bright to calculate that his one Ashni Singh is equal to 100 of your Christopher Rams. Well could Ashni Singh and the Presidential Secretariat come up with an answer beyond the $6.9 billion problem? Will we hear the announcement of an NIS bailout to counter our fears and give us some Jagdeo hope soon? Remember Sunday’s KN front page article quoting 34 (2) of the NIS Act.

Yours faithfully,
Don Gomes

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