Ms Lowden has been misguided by her ‘sources’

Dear Editor,

I refer to the editor’s note to my letter on March 4, 2009 of Stabroek News with the caption ‘Heritage Foundation did not use Ram and McRae as a “source” for the economic freedom index.’

I note the response from Mr Rakesh Latchana of Ram and McRae in which he claimed that Ram and McRae had no affiliation in the compilation of the Index of the Heritage Foundation and that they were never consulted by the Heritage Foundation and/or The Wall Street Journal.

However, my sources still claim that input was made by members of Ram and McRae.

I also would like to note that the aim of my letter originally titled ‘Our nation’s ranking’ was intended to demonstrate how inaccurate information inserted in international reports, can retard any nation’s development, using Guyana as an example. As such, it is unfair that international funding organizations use these flawed reports, since they do not represent a true reflection of Guyana’s economy.

Yours faithfully,
Marissa Lowden

Editor’s note

We sent a copy of this letter to Ram and McRae for any comments they might have wished to make and received the following response from Mr Rakesh Latchana:

“Thank you again for the opportunity to respond to the letter by Ms Marissa Lowden in which she stated that her ‘sources still claim that input was made by members of Ram & McRae.’ “Following receipt of her first letter, I sought confirmation from the Heritage Foundation and received the following note: “This is to confirm that at no point in our research for the 2009 Index of Economic Freedom did we consult Ram & McRae directly or use any materials from their website or elsewhere.”

“Ms Lowden therefore continues to be misguided by her ‘sources’ and I would respectfully suggest that she considers their reliability before using them again.

“It is also worthwhile to note that my sources claim that Ms Lowden is associated with the Office of the President and her letters therefore come as no surprise.

The firm currently has more pressing matters to attend to and we hope that you would publish this as our full and final response on this matter.”

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