Given the conditions Guyana is fortunate not to have experienced an epidemic of some sort

Dear Editor,

Two letters are published on the same day (March 4) concerning health issues.  One mentions sewage overflow in Carmichael Street (a genteel street in bygone days), for a month at least (‘GWI not dealing with sewage overflow in Carmichael Street’); the other questions the rearing of pigs in “a residential part of a rural area or in an urban area” (‘Is it permissible to rear pigs in urban areas?’). Lives are made uncomfortable by the general unpleasantness and stench. The sewage complaint seems to be falling on deaf ears or is met with “rude responses” from the outfit which is supposed to help.  To describe this attitude as “a degree of callousness” must be the understatement of the year.

I found it ironic that the writer of the ‘pig letter’ described Guyana as having “a very caring government.”  It is still beyond my ken how the country −  given the various floods, dead animals lying around, low levels of water for drinking and washing, etc − has not so far experienced an epidemic of some sort.

The Fates are being kind.

Yours faithfully,
Geralda Dennison

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