Where are the prescribed locations for dumping sewage?

Dear Editor,

Myself and three friends were fishing at the koker located at Princes street on Thursday, March 5, 2009. At approximately 9:00 am a yellow sewage truck bearing the number plate (number supplied) and the markings (name given) came to the koker. Two men disembarked and proceeded to connect a hose to the truck. I told them that the tide was washing and sewage should only be released when the tide was falling. They both ignored me and one remarked that if I wanted to fish that I should buy a boat. I was annoyed by this smart remark, but there was not much more that we could have done but packed up our rods and left. I have witnessed a similar dumping of sewage in the vicinity of the Abary bridge, and it was not being dumped into the creek but into the bushes.

I would like to know where the prescribed locations for dumping sewage are, and if it is protocol to dump it whenever or wherever you feel like.

It seems as though the operators and owners are merely concerned with the making of money and not the proper and correct disposal of waste. I do hope the relevant authorities such as the Environmental Protection Agency and the Mayor and City Council take a close look at this pattern and ensure that proper methods are employed in the disposal of waste.

Yours faithfully,
Karran Persaud

Editor’s Note:

We are sending a copy of this letter to the Mayor and City Council PRO, Mr Royston King, for any comments he might wish to make.

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