Kindness of St Sidwell’s children

Dear Editor,
I read in your newspapers on March 5 that the Animal Health Department of the Ministry of Agriculture seized two pregnant animals that were about to be slaughtered at the Georgetown Municipal Abattoir. My heartfelt thanks to the vigilant staff of the ministry; this should never be allowed to happen again. I hope the police do a thorough investigation. I look forward to reading in your newspaper a follow-up on this matter. One can only imagine the fear those pregnant cows went through as they were forced into the truck in their pregnant state and taken to the abattoir. I remember a visitor to Guyana driving behind a canter truck filled with cows that could hardly move. One of them was bleeding from the mouth. She said it is a picture she will always carry with her.

Thanks to Dr Steve Surjubally for carrying pictures of shelter animals up for adoption in his weekly column. How can anyone buy imported dogs knowing there are so many beautiful animals at the shelter awaiting loving homes. Please give a cat or dog from the GSPCA clinic/shelter a second chance; they even come spayed or neutered.

On March 5 around 11.45am, myself and a few others were driving North on Vlissengen Road when we saw a sign of hope: several young kids from St Sidwell’s School were assisting a blind man cross the road. Some of the kids stopped the traffic while the others held his hand. I drove by and thanked them. I tried calling the school to compliment the headmistress but their phone is out of order. Educating our young to be kind to people, especially the elderly, our environment and animals is the way to go.
Yours faithfully,
Syeada Manbodh

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