Programme on the origins of Mashramani was quite a feast

Dear Editor,

The TV programme ‘Our Culture Our Life’ hosted by Wanita Huburn, and which quite recently featured Jimmy Hamilton and Don Gomes leading up to the Mash celebrations was one with a big, big difference.

The public at large finally got for the first time the fullness about the origin of Mashramani.

It was a lesson never before taught at that level − in-depth, informative and explained to the dot by someone who was in part responsible for its birth: Jimmy Hamilton. Jimmy literally possesses a chest of knowledge which was presented in a very lucid way which all and sundry could have grasped. The kind of organizing that the Jaycees did then was of very high standard, and reminds me of the Mackenzie Sports Club fair that was organized by a committee headed by another organizing giant, the diminutive, assiduous and relentless Eddie Hubbert. It must also be noted that when Evadne Gravesande, the first ever Mashramani Queen won, her prize included a car and a trip to the USA! But here I want to also pay credit to the host of the programme, Ms Wanita Huburn, for the way in which she conducts her interviews. She can be rather frank and forthright at times with her questions, but you sense sincerity and a sense of purpose in her quest. She is simply good, very thoughtful and searching, capturing every nuance of the topic; she knows how to ‘milk’ her guests. But Jimmy Hamilton and the history of Mash was quite a feast.

Yours faithfully,
Frank Fyffe

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