Road from Wauna to Mabaruma airstrip in a bad state

Dear Editor,

Our roads have deteriorated and are in such a terrible state in some parts, that when the rain falls they are almost impassable.

You have to wait until the surface blows off before using the road from Wauna Housing Scheme to the Mabaruma airstrip in Region 1. Operators who ply this road have to bear the burden of significant damage to their vehicles.

For the past year and a half nothing much was done to stem the deterioration to this main road, so what are the millions of dollars budgeted every year for roads being spent on? The RDC should feel shame to see the condition of the roads our schoolchildren, pregnant mothers and the elderly have to travel.

The roads are in a state worse than when we called them trails. The monies budgeted for road work now are much greater than we got in previous years, yet we had decent roads then. Somebody needs to answer questions on the state of our roads and justify how the monies have been spent. Those in authority need to look into this matter.

Yours faithfully,
(Name and address supplied)

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