Telephone problems at La Grange

Dear Editor,

I am a resident of La Grange West Bank Demerara and I am a customer of GT&T. You might know that in the year 2000 GT&T, after several meetings agreed to service this area with their FWA phone service.

This FWA service is like a problem child; when there are power disruptions it malfunctions, and when it does, GT&T leaves it at that.

Last week Tuesday there was a general power outage for the area, and since then the phone at my home stopped working, ie no dial tone.

I made several calls to GT&T and they sent two of their technicians, who checked it and finally told me that there is a problem on the tower at the Wales Exchange. As of this date they have not fixed that problem, and I am not the only one who is suffering as I have school-age children who need to access the internet for assignments.

I am kindly asking GT&T to either fix the current FWA system or dismantle it and bring in the normal landline service that they promised us.

Please do not tell us that it is a tremendous investment, and divert spending to compete with Digicel and to service landline customers. I have to ask, do we have to organise a group to get this service like we did in 1999-2000?

Yours faithfully,
Deodat Bissoo

Editor’s note

We are sending a copy of this letter to GT&T for any comments they might wish to make.

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