Can’t get NIS pension

Dear Editor,

My sixtieth birthday was observed in July 2006, and to date I have not received any NIS pension, despite several frustrating visits to the NIS office at Anna Regina. Every visit has resulted in words to the effect: “Come back next week”; “in a few weeks”; “Give us one month”; “Soon things will be fixed.” Editor, one can understand slight delays, but when the NIS embarks on evasion, distortion and frustration tactics, then it has sunk to inefficiency and disgrace.

As one who has made more than the minimum required contributions, I demand to be accorded respect, dignity and courtesy.

Yours faithfully,
Abdool Wahab Satar

Editor’s note

We are sending a copy of this letter to PRO of the NIS, Ms Dianne Lewis-Baxter, for any comments she might wish to make.

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