To debate whether Burnham or Jagan made a greater contribution is a waste of time

Dear Editor,
As the debate over who is the father of this nation continues, my view on this matter is that for me the father of Guyanese is the Almighty God, God of the Universe. Both Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham and  Dr Cheddi Jagan are sons of Guyana; they both have made sterling contributions to the country of their birth, and to debate who was better than who and who did more than who is rather foolish and a waste of time. Instead we should honour these two distinguished gentlemen nationally and not at the level of the PPP and the PNC.

To continue to do so would only serve to further deepen the division between our people. Why can’t we behave like mature people and honour the memories of these two leaders at ceremonies at the national level, when representatives from all political parties can speak of the contributions of Dr Jagan and Mr Burnham.

The children of Guyana and their children must be taught without partiality the history and contribution of LFS Burnham and Dr Cheddi Jagan so that they can be inspired to love and serve their country. Please let us stop the hate and distrust of each other.
Yours faithfully,
Clive Fredericks

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