Camp Site washrooms are vandalised

Dear Editor,
On Wednesday, March 4, 2009 around 7.45 am I visited the Forest Hills food outlet in Camp Street to have some breakfast, only to be told that the kitchen staff had not arrived. I then went over to another section where I ordered a breakfast, and to my surprise saw a notice, ‘Wash Rooms out of Order.’ I was told the ‘ladies’ on the southern side was working but no male must enter same, so I complied. This business place is open to the public for a service, but something is not right.

Yours faithfully,
Clairmonte Marcus

Editor’s note
We sent a copy of this letter to Banks DIH for any comments they might have wished to make and received the following response from Communications Manager, Mr Troy H Peters:

“Many thanks for forwarding the recent correspondence from Mr Clairmonte Marcus.
“In respect to his two observations, we offer the following comment.
“We are uncertain who Mr Marcus spoke with when he visited the Camp Site facility.
There is only one kitchen which services the facility. Mr Marcus says he was told at 07:45 hours that breakfast was not available as a result of the staff having not reported for duty.

It appears as if he proceeded to another section where he was able to purchase the desired breakfast.
“His comment in respect to the washroom may have some merit. We have spoken/written many times of uncaring members of the public who vandalise our washrooms thereby creating un-necessary and unwanted expense and in addition, disgruntled customers such as Mr Marcus. The washroom had again been vandalised and we are in the process of replacing the damaged/stolen parts

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