Guyana needs nursing homes

Dear Editor,
Undoubtedly health care is of great importance, second only to our spiritual well-being. In Guyana we have made great strides in our health services, but the time is long overdue for us to have nursing homes similar to those found in other countries.  In my opinion, there is a distinct difference between the nursing home advocated and homes like Uncle Eddie’s and the Dharm Shala.

Persons, regardless of age, with different types of terminal illness should be in an institution which provides specialized treatment – appropriate medication, suitable diet, nurses in attendance and easy access to see a doctor. These homes could be both governmental and private.  With government they can be subsidised while patients pay a nominal rate. Private institutions can be given tax breaks and other concessions so that they may charge reasonable rates.

Finally, patients may be discharged if they can be on their own again, otherwise regrettably they would have to remain until they are deceased.
Yours faithfully,
Malcolm Clarke

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