Downtown Georgetown needs parking meters

Dear Editor,
I was in downtown Georgetown a few days ago and observed the traffic build-up, confusion and back-up because everybody wants to park his motor vehicle where he is going to do business in Water Street, Avenue of the Republic or Regent Street. This happens every working day in the city. I went home and I wondered. What a waste of revenue when badly needed funds could be garnered for the city to make it look good and other people look good also.

On Sunday, February 22, 2009, I read Dr Clive Thomas’s column on ‘voodoo economics.’ I had heard and read those words before, and I think that the refusal to give the Mayor and City Council permission to install parking meters in certain streets in Georgetown to raise revenue and bring about good order and discipline is long overdue.

I think that the request for permission to install parking meters was made over five years ago. At that time the cost would have been very much less than what it would cost today. This blockage to my mind is ‘voodoo economics’ and ‘cutting one’s nose to spite one’s face.’ Parking meters are going to have to come to Guyana some day. When that time comes it may be out of our reach financially to install them.

It cannot be said that parking meters will create a further burden on the small man as he is accustomed to walking. The meters will be used mostly by those people who own SUVs and similar vehicles who can afford to pay. It is time that we put aside ‘voodoo politics’ and have parking meters on our streets.

The government gave us new traffic lights and a bridge across the Berbice River. More motor vehicles are appearing on our roads daily. Will they let us have parking meters now?
Yours faithfully,
Eustace Moore

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