Dear Editor,

We live in a country where our leader proclaimed some seventeen years ago that we have had a return to democracy, but indeed, Guyana lives the opposite.

Only a short list:

First, the truth about the ‘spy’ equipment. Can the  media see it? Surely when it was seized a record must have been made of its serial number and the model on the left rear side. Was the Spy Shop contacted to confirm details?

Second, what is the nexus between David Clarke and Roger Khan, and the boast as to why he was not promoted? In whose bad books did he find himself?

Third, the whole story about Lindo Creek. This nation was told that there is an eyewitness; has this witness lost his eyes?

Finally, is it acceptable for a cabinet minister to behave in a way that suggests, do as I say, not as I do.  If so, who is to give our nation and our youths in particular, moral leadership about goodness, probity and love?

Not wanting to burden these pages, credible, swift answers will give us a jump start to a good Guyana and genuine democracy.

Yours faithfully,
Hamilton Green, JP

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