Cut off using Digicel’s ‘Free after 3’

Dear Editor,

It is really frustrating to use Digicel’s ‘Free After 3,’ and get cut off after a few minutes; You call again and you’re cut off again. To make it worse, you get a text telling you to text a number to win fabulous prizes. However, these texts cost fifty dollars each. I called Digicel’s Customer Care several times and was given some stupid excuses − You pressed a wrong button, or your party must have hung up on you, etc. The government and the PUC should do something about this practice. Consumers must get what they pay for. Most people do not bother to check, so they are not aware that there is a problem. More people should check to see what they’re getting.

Yours faithfully,
M S Baksh
Editor’s note

We sent a copy of this letter to the Public Relations Officer of Digicel for any comments he might wish to make, and received no response.

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