Let’s reclaim Guyana from the noise-makers

Dear Editor,

I can empathise with Roshan Khan and residents around the Starlite Drive-in (‘Noisy shows are affecting residents,’ SN March 14).  I am happy to learn that the police intervened and happy that my fellow sufferers got some peace after 12 midnight.

Editor, that was a one-off affair and the residents were ably assisted by the police. I am living through this hell created by the fish shop on Drury Lane, Campbellville, for some three years, and despite repeated reports to Kitty Police Station, despite the fact that the proprietor was charged with 16 counts of noise nuisance, the torture continues even as late as 3 am, yes, 3 am; bring your video cameras – I am afraid to use mine.

Editor, tears come to my eyes when I watch my family − a teacher, a post-graduate student and a CXC student − struggling to put two words and to string thoughts together in order to complete assignments. We avoid looking at each other because the hurt is too much. We avoid looking at each other because of the vulgarity and the ‘daggering’ outside my home. I feel I have failed my family for not protecting them against this nuisance and for not providing a better quality of life. It grieves me, it grieves, and it grieves to the core. I am in total despair…

Help! As I write, the fish shop has just erected a massive tent on the parapet − is murder tonight… Help! Help! Help!

I appeal (Easter is around the corner, and all hell will break loose at the fish shop – come down Jesus and see what’s going on) to  Mr Roshan Khan, Mr Petamber Persaud, Dr Joyce Jonas, residents around the rum shop near to Kitty Police Station, let’s join and fight this scourge of society; let’s reclaim Guyana from the noise makers.

Yours faithfully,
(Name and address provided)

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