Audio quality of Berbice private TV stations better than NCN

Dear Editor,

The Georgetown- based businesses of recent have been sponsoring the Test matches in the night-time period. Normally Berbicians rarely see Georgetown business ads on television here. I am urging NCN Berbice to stop airing Georgetown-based ads and show more Berbician advertisements.

Another thing is that Berbice NCN needs better management at this time. I would like to suggest that NCN showcase the beauty of Guyana more, and show less pro-government highlights over and over and over for days. This is where an experienced programme mananger will come in. Sometimes the dates of ads on NCN have already passed and still they air. Also the sound is very low in some cases. NCN belongs to the people of Guyana. The other two TV stations in New Amsterdam are privately owned and the audio quality and volume are far better than NCN’s.

Yours faithfully,
(Name and address provided)

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