Column is ‘a breath of fresh air’

Dear Editor,

Your weekly column in Stabroek Business ‘Understanding global finances and financial institutions’ which was first published on March 6, 2009 and written by Mr Keith Evelyn is a breath of fresh air.

In building a house the foundation must be solid, made possible by the use of the right resources, used at the right time and managed by an experienced and qualified contractor.

Similarly, Mr Evelyn’s writings have the makings of a solid foundation in the clear explanation of financial terms and using examples that a layman can understand. He then relates how the various stakeholders in society are influenced and affected by financial information and decisions.

Finally, he uses his rich years of experience and qualifications to bring alive his writing, which is relevant and timely.

To be an intellectual is good;  however, it is better to be an intellectual and a good teacher, which  is truly a blessing from above.  I also read other columnists of SN.

Yours faithfully,
Iman Chin

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