Is Mrs Hoyte now receiving her pension?

Dear Editor,

Pity the nation that treats the vulnerable badly. The children are the future and the elderly the sages who will pass on valuable life experiences. Following the news, the government’s treatment of Mrs Joyce Hoyte and the children is not right.

Mrs Hoyte not receiving a pension should never have been. It is wrong. Mr Hoyte always struck me as a very proud person and this could have caused him to stay silent about not being paid his pension. After this story was carried in the letter columns Stabroek News said it was sending a copy of the letter to Dr Roger Luncheon for a comment. Not a word has been heard from the good doctor. Can it be believed that Dr Luncheon’s non-response means Mrs Hoyte has received the back pension and now gets her pension?

The children are the leaders of tomorrow. Too many of them are homeless, walking the streets aimlessly, begging, liming at the corners and doing crimes. Take a walk and you’ll see the magnitude of the problem. Those children who want to lead productive lives should be given all the opportunities possible. This is why the government is wrong to continue its stubbornness in refusing to give the Critchlow Labour College the money it needs for young people’s education.

Yours faithfully,
Samuel Wong

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