Problems with ‘Free after 3’ service

Dear Editor,

I am writing to second the letter which appeared in your paper signed by MS Baksh (‘Cut off using Digicel’s “Free after 3”’ 18.3.09).

I myself have been receiving very flimsy excuses from the Digicel operators and I have had friends who experience the same thing too in my presence. What seems to happen is not that the person on the receiving end cuts you off by accident, but that once you talk for too long you are cut off.

I made one ‘Free after 3’ call two days ago and when I came off the phone I was left with $10 out of $200. When I called they said that I had sent 8 text messages, but that was not true because as soon as I put the credit into my phone I made my call, and when I came off the phone I discovered the $10.

I pay for the services that I receive from Digicel and they are too expensive.

Yours faithfully,
Leroy Smith

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