The Link Show will not be televised or recorded on DVD

Dear Editor,

I write to thank and express my appreciation to those persons who have commented so positively on Link Show 25. We have also been asked by these persons to put the show on television.

The Link Show is, however, a theatrical production. It is not written or produced for broadcast television nor, for that matter, to be recorded for commercial DVD release.

To produce the Link Show for broadcast purposes would involve an in-studio production costing a substantial sum of money, including the subsequent payment of copyright royalties to the production staff and actors for broadcast and DVD release. Where would the revenue come from?

Unfortunately, there is no television station in Guyana which would be willing to buy the broadcast rights nor a sponsor to cover DVD distribution. The revenue from DVD sales would be minimal because of the fact of pirating.

We have taken the show to Linden and plan to take it to Berbice and, possibly, Bartica. In the meantime, the show is held over at the Cultural Centre this weekend, March 21-24.

We would, of course, be delighted to consider a broadcast television production of Link Show 25 should a commercial offer be made to us.

Yours faithfully,
Gem Madhoo-Nascimento

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