Can’t get money from Digicel

Dear Editor,

It is with great disgust and frustration that I write seeking your assistance. On February 9, 2009, I went to Digicel on Main Street to activate my cell phone #6763878 to do top-up business at home. I paid $10,000 for a start. I checked my phone about three hours after that, but it was not activated. I immediately called the office and spoke with an employee (name supplied). About one-and-a-half hours later my phone was activated with the amount showing $10,600. I topped up about three to four customers at $200 each, but when I tried to top up another customer nothing went through.

I visited the office the following week. The same employee asked me to call 131, which I did at the office. After explaining and answering a few questions they asked to speak with her, and when she finished, she told me everything would be okay, so I left. About two hours later my phone was once again activated, but my balance was showing zero. I revisited the office about four times the most recent occasion being February 24, 2009, but to date I cannot get the money back in the phone. Can someone explain where my hard-earned money is? Is this the way things work when doing business with Digicel? Is this the bigger better network?

Yours faithfully,
Authur Coleman

Editor’s note
We sent a copy of this letter to Digicel for any comments they might wish to make and received no response.

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