Is a mall the best utilization of the site behind the Caricom Secretariat?

Dear Editor,

Is it true that land behind the Caricom Secretariat has been sold to Giftland Office Max? If so was there a public tender? If my information is correct, is the construction of a mall at that site the best utilisation of the said property?

Should we not have saved it for possible extension of the University of Guyana, or for that matter could we not have placed the law school there?

Could the President and/or the PPP say why we are not going ahead with the establishment of the law school? Could the Chairman of the Bar Association say if they stand opposed to the establishment of a law school in Guyana. Are they afraid of competition? Maybe executive member of the PPP and a senior counsel, Mr Ralph Ramkarran, could influence the party to move towards the establishment of a law school.

As it is only rich kids could afford to study at the law school. I feel that such a school would be good for Guyana. Has the government given up the idea?

Yours faithfully,
Rajendra Bissessar

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