The construction of an airstrip on Leguan should be reconsidered

Much has been said about an airstrip on Leguan. Mr S Loaknauth (‘An airstrip on Leguan is the right way to go,’ SN 16.3.09) claims it will improve the living standards of the residents, but the people there can hardly afford the speedboat fares. As to using the airstrip to transport farm produce to markets, will the produce land at Ogle or at Timehri?

Further transportation will then be needed. Also, what will the planes take on their return trip? One-way trips are not economically viable. Transporting farm produce by air would be costly enough to be considered unviable. Mr Charles Sohan (‘The priorities on Leguan are road improvement, potable water and a reliable electricity supply,’ SN 19.3.09) is perfectly right when he says the people need good roads, continuous electricity and potable water supplies, as well as the setting up of pasteurising and canning facilities. A good, regular ferry service to Parika is a must.

These will definitely enhance the living standards of the people, and make the community economically independent. I wonder if the residents ever asked for an airstrip. If not, then whose idea was it? Recently, a quantity of illicit drugs was seized at Leguan, so many people are of the opinion that an airstrip in a remote area will most certainly enhance (and encourage) such activities. It is therefore of utmost importance that the construction of this airstrip be seriously reconsidered.

Yours faithfully,
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